August 19, 2022


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No Freedom in New Caledonia: What Now?

Following the overwhelming victory of No Independence during the third and final referendum on Sunday in the French archipelago of New Caledonia, a conversation is now beginning that could lead to the expansion of a new position within 18 months. Archipelago.

18 month change

Legally, the Nouméa Accord, signed in 1998 under the leadership of then-French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin, organized the phased out of New Caledonia.

18 month transition period“The Republic should be open to creating a new law.

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Stated purpose: “Get rid of the binary switch between yes and no“And”Develop a common plan“In”New step“, President Emmanuel Macron explained in a televised address after the results were announced on Sunday.

New constitutional amendment

Two phases are planned: “evaluation” of the Nouméa agreement, “before negotiations”Will lead to a new constitutional amendment“, Amendment of Organic Law and a”Project advice“.

The government does not want to confuse speed and rainfall at this crucial stage“Foreign Minister Sebastien Legorn told the AFP on Sunday, but insisted.”Some topic issues are urgent“.

A complex conversation

When Sebastien Leghorn appeared on Friday, the dialogue between all the actors seemed complicated.

Since consensus is required on the date of this third referendum, there is certainly a sense of breach of trust on the part of the pro-independence party, a breach of a given word.“Kerin David, a professor of public law at the University of the West Indies and an expert in foreign companies, commented on Francinco Radio.

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The FLNKS and the Nationalists, who believed Sunday’s vote should be postponed to 2022, have already announced that they do not approve of its decision.Cannot be the basis for discussion“They don’t want to argue either.”Before the President“In April 2022.

That’s good. “Strong neglect“It”Political data must be taken into account“,”Legal recognition“Ballot”No doubt“, Said Sebastien Legornu’s entourage.

“Uncertain horizon”

France should not “Do not unilaterally submit a request to the UN for the withdrawal of New Caledonia from the list of non-sovereign territories.s “, mentioned in a document from July 2021, which served as a road map.

He argues that “Charge against freedom“, FLNKS rejects this document and is based on the discussion of a report drafted in 2013 by Ferdinand Melin-Saugramanian, Associate in Public Law and Jean Corsial, State Councilor.

The latter explored four hypotheses. “Naumia Agreement“, One of them”Full sovereignty in partnership“Echoes and opposes separatists’ plan”A break with France“.

“Independent Association”

Isabelle Merle, Historian, CNRS Research Director, New Caledonia Above All “To be safe“And”Conversation must be maintained with all elements of the population“.

A contract for the future, (…) which may be a law that integrates the idea of ​​a free-union.“, She told France Info on Sunday.