February 2, 2023


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“No, hairdressers do not like the decision to wear a mask,” replied the Vice President of Hairdressers in Belgium.

Ideas for the hairstyle and aesthetics departments wanting to repeal the compulsion to wear a mask are discussed. The president of the Belgian Beauty Federation called for more freedoms on Thursday. Definitely rejects the Vice President of the Federation of Hairdressers of Belgium.

“It’s time to give freedom of choice, and let the coach and client decide. Legal duty is proportional at this point., President of the Belgian Beauty Federation and United Hairdresser Mario Blogan said Thursday. At the behest of the advisory board, the hairdressing and aesthetic departments demanded the removal of the obligation on both employees and clients to wear the mask. Words discussed on the page of the Federation of Hairdressers of Belgium (Bibelhair).

“These comments are problematic. A large number of hairdressers are fully supportive – of course people returning from vacation and red zones – to maintain wearing a mask.”, Emphasizes Patrick Dumont, Brussels’ hairdresser and vice president of the Federation of Hairdressers.

According to him, maintaining the obligation to wear a mask at hairdressers is the best way to ensure a more lasting salon. “And will never go to jail again.”

If we all have something in common, it is in wearing a mask

Although the hairdressing and aesthetic sectors have been the target of strict restrictions for months, experts have no question of easing the measures. “If there’s something we all agree on, it’s in wearing a mask. It seems to me now that removing the mask is unfair.”, he said.

To be continued: “I’m not saying it’s pleasing to us, but it’s an activity we want to keep continuing for now. The only association recognized to represent the hairdressing industry is the Federation of Hairdressers!”

Agreement with the Department of Aesthetics

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Patrick Dumont also contacted a representative of the National Association of Aestheticians of Belgium. “I could not have imagined for a moment that she would have made such a decision without first contacting me.”, Promises vice president of the Federation of Hairdressers.

Following these comments, many customers have already expressed concern, Patrick Dumont tells us. But he wants to promise: “It has been two years since we did not stop pointing fingers at the communications industry, claiming that social gaps cannot be respected. There was even talk of wearing FFP2 masks … so the result of wearing a mask is no no no!, He concludes.