November 26, 2022


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No more health restrictions in France: everything possible again here

The latest restrictions ended measurements at cinemas, restaurants or stores in France on Wednesday. But concerns are growing about the fourth wave of Govt-19 after the summer, if the vaccine is continued.

Evidence of being in line with caution The Delta Variety Lands Department (southwest), which first appeared in France, has decided to maintain these limits for one more week, until July 6th.

Measures in closed spaces are being raised, which delights businesses as it launches a four-week sale on Wednesday. The reclaimed dark rooms, which attracted 8.5 million viewers a month, could be refueled during the film festival (June 30 to July 4). Standing concerts are possible again, but with 75% of the volume they will be held indoors.

QR code verified by transportation companies and police

All events that now bring together more than 1,000 people, including trade shows, congresses and exhibitions, will require a health pass (full vaccine or negative test). From Thursday, you will no longer be able to travel in Europe without a European Health Pass.

Available in paper and digital formats, this precious sesame takes the form of a QR code that can be verified by transportation companies (air, rail, ferry) and the police. This is the last phase of the renovation, which began on May 19 with the reopening of the terraces of bars and restaurants, non-food shops and closed cultural venues.

The movement spread to gyms, swimming pools, bars and indoor restaurants on June 9, ending the curfew on June 20. Even if the number of new daily cases stagnates to 1,800 for a few days, it is possible to remove the last restrictions due to the continuous decline in infections.

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According to the government, the complete weapon is the vaccine

The Delta variant, which appeared in India in April, already represents “20% newer diagnoses” than its predecessor Alpha (also known as British), doubling the previous week, Health Minister Oliver Warren said.

According to the government, the complete weapon vaccine remains: about 33.7 million French people have received at least one first dose (i.e. 50% of the population) by the end of August, reaching 40 million, and 35 million fully protected people, or 66% adults.

These figures are very difficult to achieve because the rate of vaccinations is slow. Epidemiologists warn that with the delta variant, the combined immunity limit will be 80/85%, not two-thirds. Jean-Franą®šois Delphriesi, chairman of the Scientific Council, thinks “We will have a fourth wave”. But “it will be more subtle than the first three, because the dose of the vaccine is not the same”, He said Wednesday.