August 10, 2022


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No one intervened to help the victim…

Like many migrants in southern Europe, the Nigerian was selling goods on the street on Friday afternoon when he was suddenly chased down, knocked to the ground and repeatedly beaten. Her assailant also took her cell phone.

The incident took place in broad daylight in the middle of a busy shopping street in the heart of the beach town. Footage of the attack has been circulating online, where voices calling for an end to the attack can be heard in the background.

The fact that no one intervened during the attack shocked many Italians. Some believe the situation would have been different if the victim had been white. Police said there was no indication that it was a racist attack. The victim allegedly asked her assailant for money, prompting a violent reaction from the latter.

The Marche area, where the events took place, plans to file a civil action during the investigation.

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