June 24, 2022


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Nokia to reset the virus with BA.4 and BA.5 variants? Be afraid of a new summer wave!

The new wave of summer govt and its impact is still uncertain.

– What are the new variants?

Identified by researchers in Botswana and South Africa in early April, these new Omicron subspecies may actually have appeared from mid-December to early January.

The majority in South Africa, and later in Portugal, where they triggered new waves of epidemic.

In South Africa, “BA4 and BA.5 were initially detected, and where BA4 is now predominant, the epidemic wave passed by mid-May and its impact was moderate. BA.5 is now in the majority in Portugal, where events are on the rise, but still lower than the previous wave, ”Public Health France summed up on Friday.

Now, the beginning of the resurgence of pollution and the advancement of new incarnations of Omicron will appear elsewhere.

In Europe, BA.4 and BA.5 are growing rapidly in France, where they need to replace BA.2, which has dominated since the beginning of the year, as well as in the United Kingdom and Germany. Of the identified subtypes, BA.3 was not established.

In France, government spokeswoman Olivia Grigore spoke after a panel of ministers on Wednesday about the “small twist” of the Govt epidemic, saying she was “alert” but not “worried” until then.

The latest weekly figures from Public Health France confirm the tremor of cases and the progress of new subtypes.

Easing health measures contributes to the re-emergence of the infection, many experts point out.

– More infections?

Both subspecies seem to be spreading faster than previous members of the Omigron lineage.

“BA4 and BA.5 can spread our immune system as we age, and they can spread faster than BA.2 because they have the double benefit of preventing infection and immunity. BA.4 and BA.5 trigger a wave earlier than BA.2, “said AFP Mircea T. Sofonea, a lecturer in epidemiology at the University of Montpellier in the south of France.

Summer, which is very similar to outdoor activities, could be a barrier to a potential relapse? “Summer is considered to have fewer events than winter, but the Delta example (fourth wave), as shown in July 2021, cannot prevent the occurrence of a wave of pollution,” the epidemiologist urges.

– Is it still dangerous?

So far, according to many scientists, there is no evidence of an increase in the intensity of BA.4 or BA.5 compared to other Omigron lines. But “it is still too early to measure it accurately”, says Mircea T. Sofonea.

Observations from South Africa and Portugal, meanwhile, have helped some observers to gain reasonable confidence about hospitalizations and increased risks of death.

“The BA.4 / 5 wave in South Africa was not admitted to many hospitals and did not cause deaths due to high population immunity,” said Tulio de Oliveira, a virologist at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, who announced the discovery of Omigron by his team. In the fall of 2021. “Of course, we do not know the long-term consequences …”

In Portugal, vaccinations are high in the population but in the elderly, hospital admissions have risen almost to the level of the previous wave.

Unlike other countries, especially in Europe, South Africa and Portugal have never been affected by BA.2 before.

Going through the BA.2 wave, France’s public health ruled in May that “can provide the best protection against BA.4 and BA.5”, “genetically close to him”. But this needs to be confirmed.

After all, the immune system erodes over time.

The Montpellier epidemiologist underscores that “although protection provided by the Omigran infection or the third dose vaccine is significant after five months, it is greatly reduced against any infection.”

For the most vulnerable, without waiting for the fall, a fourth dose of the vaccine is already recommended in many countries.

If it is no longer mandatory, in some cases wearing a mask at home is recommended by many scientists, there is ventilation.

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