December 8, 2022


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“Oil industry lobbyists make huge delegates to climate conference” | Ecology

The fossil fuel industry has sent hundreds of people to the Glasgow International Climate Conference (COP26). According to environmental organizations on Monday, the sector has more representatives than any other country.

The provisional list of participants in the climate conference was reviewed by several voluntary organizations. 503 delegates are directly affiliated with the fossil fuel industry or are part of the national delegation but have links with oil, gas or coal companies.

Their representation is about twenty members more than the largest representatives of the countries, NGOs represent corporate accountability, corporate Europe monitoring, Glasgow polluters and global witness. In addition, the delegation is larger than the combined representation of the eight countries most affected by the effects of climate change over the past two decades.

According to activists, at least 27 official country representatives are campaigning for the fossil fuel industry. This includes Canada, Russia and Brazil. In total, about 100 companies are represented in this field in Glasgow, they mention.

“Toxic Interests”

“Paying hundreds of people to promote the toxic benefits of polluting fossil fuel companies only raises the suspicion of climate activists,” says Murray Worthy of Global Witness.

The Glasgow Climate Change Conference considers it “important” to keep temperatures below 2 degrees and, if possible, below 1.5 degrees. According to the latest figures from the United Nations, current efforts to reduce CO2 emissions are not enough to achieve this goal.

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