January 30, 2023


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“Omigron puts an end to infection”: Danish expert announces return to “normal life” in two months

The United States and several EU countries are facing a wave of pollution caused by the spread of the new dominant variant, Omigran, and it is time to intensify measures rather than easing it, a Danish expert said, before triggering an end to the epidemic.

Tyra Grove Cross, chief epidemiologist at the National Serum Institute, told a television news conference on Monday that the epidemic would end in two months. “I think we have two months, then the infection starts to subside and I hope we can go back to normal life.” To confirm this, it is based on a study that shows that the risks admitted to the hospital associated with Omigran are only half of those observed with delta variation.

In fact, statistics from Denmark, Portugal and the United Kingdom indicate that if the Omicron variant is initially considered a major threat due to its infection, it will only have a specific effect on its eventual hospitalization.

It makes this Danish expert think that “Omigron brings an end to the epidemic”. “Omigron is here to stay, and it could lead to a massive outbreak of the disease next month or so. Once this is done, we will be in better shape than before.” According to him, these massive infections will boost the combined immunity of the Danish population, which means, well, return to normal life.

The French health minister, Olivier VĂ©ran, on Monday shared that this fifth wave is “probably the last” because “we all have some sort of immunity”.

Tyra Grove Cross warns of an opportunity that will not prevent health care from being under further pressure for the next few months. ” Omicron peaks at the end of January, and in February we see a drop in infection pressure and a drop in pressure on the health system. We have to try in January because it will be hard to achieve.

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