January 30, 2023


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One line for rape victims, another line for the rest: French Interior Minister Gerald Durman fires Twitter, then explains himself

This Friday morning, French Interior Minister Gerald Durmann announced on Twitter that the Orleans Police Station would be offering a new one. The idea is to separate the people who go there with different identities, with different identities: on the one hand an orange circle for victims of rape, domestic or domestic-domestic violence; On the other hand, a blue circle for victims of another crime.

But if presented in this way, things are not so clear and the minister has actually taken criticism on social networks. Internet users were overwhelmed to comment, denouncing the fact that the victims of the rape no doubt did not want to be displayed in public, because they were in a separate queue. “This is a stupid and dangerous idea”, “What a funny idea when these people do not dare to enter a police station without knowing their name”, “What about secrecy? I wonder., The level of stigma, we are not bad!”, “It’s very prejudicial to victims who are often in a state of shock. And they are very ashamed of their condition. It is not a good idea to stigmatize them by distinction. This effort is a cry,” One can read the comments in particular.

The minister explains himself

Faced with growing controversy, Gerald Durman responded on Twitter. “There is no room for controversy in such a serious matter. It will be the same device set up in Le Mans that respects the confidentiality of victims and provides complete satisfaction.”, He explained.

In fact, the victim should go to the reception and mark his or her color. His case will then be considered as a matter of priority and with the necessary prudence. The system is already known in Le Mans under the Table de Aquila Confidentiality (DAC). Contacted by Le Picaro, the National Police Information and Communication Service (CHICAP) emphasizes the proper functioning of this organization: “The DAC is a sensible organization that allows victims of sexual, cohesive and domestic violence violence to put their hands on a piece of paper with the correct color code, which stimulates the correct perception of their contact person in the living room. This device works well and is generalized. “

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If the Home Minister puts an end to the controversy in this way, there is no doubt that he will be more vigilant in its communications in the future.