August 13, 2022


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One week later, the man lost his brother and his parents to Govt-19: “They refused to be vaccinated.”

Francis Concalves, a British man from Cardiff, had a very painful July. Within a week, the 43-year-old cook had lost three loved ones, all of whom were infected with the corona virus after a family meal.

Francis was forced to stay in Wales for personal reasons, and his father Basil, mother Charmaine and brother Shaw met in Portugal in July. After sharing dinner together, all three family members found their health deteriorating. Shawl, 40, first felt the first signs of Govt-19 before his father and mother. Considering the severity of their illness, Francis’ brother and his parents were rushed to hospital.

Shawl died of the virus on July 17. Three days later, his 73-year-old father died, followed by his 65-year-old mother on July 24.

“They got caught up in the anti-ax campaign”

If Francis is logically too affected by the loss of his loved ones, he is particularly angry at the false propaganda against the corona virus spreading on social websites. In fact, according to the British chef, his father and his parents could have escaped the disease if they had been vaccinated. However, they were all very skeptical about the vaccine.

“They refused to be vaccinated because they were scared. They got caught up in the anti-vaccination campaign“Francis testifies to the BBC.”This campaign targets people who are afraid and they fall into this trap. But it really costs lives. ”

Today, Francis Concolves wants to share his story to convince those who are reluctant to get vaccinated.