August 17, 2022


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Only 16 days vacation for 24 days vacation this summer: How to improve your vacation in 2022

The year has begun, and the counters have all been reset to zero. So for our annual holidays. Even if you have twenty or more (a little thought for self-employed people and young workers who do not benefit from them), it is always a good idea to play on public holidays to get some days off and put them somewhere else. A quick overview of the possibilities 2022 offers us. This January, the 1st has already passed and arrived on Saturday. Those who work on Saturdays will benefit, while others may pick it up later in the year. To find another holiday, you have to wait for Easter Monday – just like every year. This year comes April 18th, enough to take advantage of the nine-day break for the four days taken.

During the May holidays, the bad news is that Labor Day (1/5) falls on a Sunday. Therefore, it is necessary for those who are able to recover on this day. Ascension falls on Thursday, May 26th. There, too, we get a day off by taking a weekend or four days a week. You can take advantage of Bonus Day on Monday, June 6, the second week after this holiday. So you have to rest for nine days and rest for a total of fifteen days.

Another long weekend offered to summer workers is National Day (21/7), which falls on a Thursday this year. It is enough to start your vacation early, for example, by taking leave on Friday 22nd July. For those who can take a long summer vacation, why not push it until Monday, August 15th? So it is three days, three days including two holidays or 24 days leave for 16 days leave.

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Do not forget that after the start of the school year, the school calendar will change from Monday, October 24th to Friday, November 4th, with a two-week holiday planned for All Saints’ Day. So in the second week of November 1st, comes Tuesday. By taking a holiday on Monday, it creates a four-day weekend for parents who can take care of their children. Another long weekend may come on Friday 11th November 2022. Even a small bonus for those who have a King’s Day holiday on November 15 (usually government employees). This holiday allows you to relax for five days on a Tuesday, one day off.

Finally, this year December 25th is a Sunday, and we already wish you a speedy recovery from the 26th.