November 25, 2022


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Palestinian Authority cancels vaccination deal with Israel

Palestinian Authority on Friday terminated agreement with Israel to replace one million doses of corona virus vaccine, Indicating that he refused to take the dose “Expired“.

The Jewish government had earlier announced a deal that would transfer one million of its own expired Pfizer vaccine to the PA, which would instead be handed over to the Palestinian Authority. “Sizes of the same size“When he gets them from an American lab.

The first batch of Pfizer vaccines was obtained from Israel this evening after being tested by technical committees of the Ministry of Health […] It was found that it did not comply with the specifications provided in the contractPalestinian government spokesman Ibrahim Melhem said.

The government refuses to accept expired vaccines“During a press conference with Health Minister Mai al-Kaila, a spokesman said about 90,000 doses had been received.

He did not mention the expiration date of the vaccines. Pfizer-sized photos of the inscription on social media “June 2021“Widely shared.

Previously, the Palestinian government had not confirmed the existence of an agreement reached with the Jewish state.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health issued the report only on Pfizer’s initiative to change the size between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, which was approved by the Palestinian side.Accelerate the vaccine campaign and achieve joint immunity“.

Waiting for Pfizer

The Palestinian government is now waiting to deliver the vaccines ordered directly to Pfizer Laboratory, Melheim said without specifying a date.

Asked by the AFP, the Israeli Ministry of Health and the Israeli organization responsible for civilian operations in the Palestinian Territories (Gokat) did not immediately comment on the Palestinian reports.

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The Prime Minister’s Office and the Israeli Ministry of Defense and Health said in a joint statement on Friday that Israel would receive expired vaccines from the Palestinian Authority.Same amount as Pfizer in September / October 2021“.

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The corona virus knows no boundaries and does not differ from population to population. This important vaccine exchange is in the interests of both partiesThe new Israeli health minister, Nietzsche, was quoted on Twitter as saying:

Thanks to an extensive vaccination campaign launched at the end of December following a deal with the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, Israel has vaccinated more than 55% of its population, or more than 5.1 million, in two doses.

On the Palestinian side, only 270,604 people received their two measurements, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. More than 2.8 million Palestinians live in the occupied West Bank and more than two million in the Gaza Strip.

From Thursday to Friday, 165 new cases have been identified in the two Palestinian territories, bringing the total to more than 312,000 since the outbreak, including 3,540 deaths, the health ministry said.

In Israel, 25 new cases have been identified in 24 hours, with a total of about 840,000 cases registered, according to health officials, including more than 6,420 deaths.