February 3, 2023


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“Penog knife blows to workers”

Thierry Botson, President of the FGTB, was the guest of honor at the Matin Premiere this Wednesday. He is very critical Government-approved labor market reformTo start They have the opportunity to distribute their working hours for four days.

Shrinking jobs by more than four days is a murderous punch in the demand that jobs be cut collectively Is he reacting to Thomas Cadiz?.

For the trade unionist, the collective reduction of working hours has been written in the direction of history. According to him, it is clear that there will be a joint reduction in working hours, and this will make it possible to respond to issues such as burns in particular. “But the 4-day week will put this claim back many years, which will be much harder to bear. “

Schools and nurseries are accessible 12 hours a day, it is not.

Focus on work in 4 days, which are 10 hours a day, which is not possible for a limited number of occupations (domestic workers, child care workers, etc.). And schools need to bring in nurseries that are accessible 12 hours a day, and that is not the case. “

A full logo

The move also has a symbolic significance for the unions: “It’s a change from the 1971 law, which regulates working hours, especially on the popular day of 8:00 am. So the logo is too heavy for us. “

Labor Minister Pierre-Yves Dermagne is a socialist. The Socialist Party supported the idea of ​​reducing working hours to 4 days pay 5 days a week. The move is the opposite. What does FGTB say to PS? “Not only that, but also the attack of the penang knife for the claim, and for the workers who suffer from meaninglessness, the burning ashes … Here we are not settling anything.”.

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“Dangerous role model”

One of the other points of reform, This makes it easier to carry out night work (from midnight to 6am), and evening work (from 8pm to midnight).. For example, night work can be implemented if only one union approves, even if it is a minority. “This is a dangerous precedentt “, Theory Potson shouts.”Once the government wants to prove that it gives more importance to the employers than the workers, it is over!

Once the government wants to prove that it gives more importance to the employers than the workers, it is over!

When a collective labor agreement is signed, the employers’ bench will be 100% paid, while the union bench will be partially submitted by a company. It means that the balance of power has been completely reversed. “

The balance of power has been completely reversed.

Another comment from the FGTB leader: “We make this decision and we don’t even know to whom it applies. We talk about e-commerce, but we do not know what it means. The government has asked the Federal Economic Council to define the scope of e-commerce. Depending on the definition we give, it may affect some or many or the majority of workers.

According to union representitives, the new retirement plan is targeted at lower paid employees, leaving higher paid employees to enjoy the same benefits as before. “What we blocked in front of the bosses 5 months ago will come back to us through the window when the government leaves.

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As if to clarify the position of the workers In the field of collective economic platforms, another point of labor market reform, Thierry Botson is not so enthusiastic.

“Disgusting jobs”

The problem is that everything Proposed activities par Government, It is always more flexible. This, in particular, is the perpetual demand of employers to reach the prestigious limit of 80% employment rate.“To achieve this employment rate, the employer of FGTB says, it is really necessary to re-employ the sick under certain conditions.”This is the real debate that the government does not dare to consider. “

Forgive me for saying that the 80% employment rate in Germany is a little trivial, the government did not dare to say that they are achieved by bad jobs for up to a few hours a month. It does not solve the basic problem of funding for social security.

Trade unionists must return to the question of pay: “If we want to increase the employment rate, we have to increase the quality of work and therefore pay them better. However, the law of 96 [qui fixe la marge salariale] Salary freezes will continue in 2023 and 2024.