January 30, 2023


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Pfizer agrees to distribute it worldwide

The American pharmaceutical company Pfizer has agreed to allow its anti-Govt pill – once approved – to spread beyond rich countries, effectively fighting an epidemic that has been wreaking havoc for almost two years.

The voluntary license agreement was jointly announced on Tuesday by the Pharmaceutical Patent Committee (MPP) developed by Pfizer and United.

General Pharmaceutical Manufacturers “Co-licensees, along with Ridonavir (a drug used to treat the AIDS virus, can refer to a new drug) in 95 countries, which make up about 53% of the world’s population.Unitaid’s spokeswoman Herv Vershull said during the UN General Assembly in Geneva.

In early November, Pfizer, which markets one of the most effective vaccines against Kovit, along with German bioendech, released the interim results of clinical trials of its oral antiviral PF-07321332 or Paxlovid.

They show an 89% efficacy in preventing hospitalization or the risk of death in adults at high risk of developing a severe form of goiter.

Pfizer joins its rival, Merck, with its own oral anti-covid, Molnupiravir, which is highly effective with MPP.

The availability of treatment if these promising results are confirmed “Some months, not years, not weeksEsteban Burrone, MPP’s policy development leader, told AFP.

Pfizer on Tuesday demanded emergency marketing approval in the United States.

The main role

The agreement announced on Tuesday includes all low- and low-middle-income countries and upper-middle-income countries in sub-Saharan Africa, as well as upper-middle-income countries that have reached this level in the past five years, Herv Vershus said.

Pfizer will not receive royalties on sales in low-income countries, and will further discount royalties on sales in all countries under the agreement unless Covid-19 is classified as a public health emergency of international concern by the World Health Organization.

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We believe that oral antivirals will play an important role in reducing the severity of Govt-19 infections, reducing the burden on our health system and saving lives.Albert Borla, Pfizer’s CEO, commented in a joint statement.

Pfizer and other drug groups that make anti-Govt vaccines have been accused of prioritizing profits and selling them to countries where they can buy, thus contributing to vaccine inequality between rich and poor countries.

According to Médecin Sans Frontières, in rich countries like Molnuvipar the price is around $ 700 and it is more suitable for others.

The MSF told itself “Not encouraged“This area agreement excludes countries with significant common productivity, such as Argentina, Brazil or China, Malaysia and Thailand.

Change the game

On November 4, the UK became the first country to recognize Molnubra.

Both of these antiviral drugs work by reducing the replication of a virus, thus slowing down the course of the disease. They are easy to administer as they are taken at home, and these treatments are a supplement to the vaccine.

Mr. According to Barron, one of the key features is the ability to break free from hospitalization by preventing hospitalization: “It changes the game“.

Although easier to prepare, carry and distribute than vaccines, these treatments should be taken within three to five days of the onset of symptoms.

It assumes that there are tests and the diagnosis will be confirmed by a doctor.

Michael Ryan, director of the WHO’s Health Emergency Program, welcomed the arrival of these treatments on Friday, while emphasizing the need to wait for the final results of the tests.

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All of these are going in the right direction, but to ensure that medical care for Govt using these molecules improves, a systematic progression must be made in a systematic way.“, He said at a press conference, recalling first-line immunizations against Kovit and preventing infection.