November 26, 2022


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Police are resuming calls for witnesses

Fanny Byrne, 31, a nurse at the Herald, is wanted by genders. Since March 4, he has been missing with his 5-year-old daughter Mawa. According to a new call for witnesses, the Gentlemen released on Friday, “They will be staying in Ardèche, Var and Ariège.” “Since then, the child has not set foot in the school enrolled in Lunellois. The nurse has given more messages to her relatives or the father of the child, ”the appeal states, adding that an arrest warrant has been issued against the mother.

According to Midi Libre, the nurse also opened a Facebook page, baptized the baby to speak and united the community of internet users behind him. He questioned the custody of his daughter by a father who had been separated since 2017. Except the case was dismissed “for lack of sufficient evidence.” Fanny condemned the sexual abuse her daughter experienced and also warned the Wanted Pedo Association. No association finally completely separated itself from Fanny.

However, the nurse left her home to avoid a new court ruling: on March 5, Maëva should be included in the background of the personalized support service at the father’s home with social assistance for children, and especially until September 30th. 2021. Twice a month his mother should follow the mediation visit.

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