October 7, 2022


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Police arrest violent paralysis shock US: “I can’t get out of car” | The world

Ohio police arrested a driver who allegedly had a disability during a drug-related raid last month. Body camera footage of one of the agents was released, which caused a stir in the United States.

Paraplegic Clifford Owensby, 39, was found helpless when he was pulled out of a car and thrown to the ground, and was later placed in the back of a Dayton police car during a traffic check last Sept. 30. Police said two officers were investigating drug trafficking in the Dayton View area and saw the car leaving the suspect’s home. Due to this fact and the driver’s drug and weapon history, the police said the operators had to leave the vehicle for their own safety and the safety of the sniffer dog.

Mr Owensby said he could not get out of the vehicle because he was paralyzed and refused to help them do so, police said. He then “grabbed the steering wheel … and then was pushed out of the car.” Bodycam footage shows Owensby repeatedly telling officers he can’t get out of the car because he’s a stroke patient, threatening to press charges and calling someone to “bring people in with cameras” to record control.

A bag with $ 22,450 was found

On the ground, he could be heard screaming for help, asking if people were registering and asking someone to call him the “real policeman”. Police said Owensby was placed on the ground “to disable” and that officers had to pull his hands behind his back to grab him. A bag containing $ 22,450 in cash was found in the car, and the dog was alerted by its smell, meaning “the money was close to illegal drugs,” police said.

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Owensby said Monday he suffered a new injury from scars on the sidewalk and an earlier back problem. “I think they don’t even respect me as a citizen,” Owensby said, adding that he hoped for “some sort of disciplinary action.”