August 13, 2022


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Police investigation into ‘terrorist act’

The 42-year-old Norwegian counterpart (PST), of Iranian descent, was killed in the attack, which killed two people and wounded 21 others, including 10, according to Oslo police.

“He is suspected of murder, attempted murder and act of terrorism,” Christian Hatlow, a police officer, told a news conference.

He added that the last number was “the number of wounded and killed, the number of crime scenes – at least three – and (…) there is good reason to believe that he intended to sow terrorism”.

According to the police, the main prognosis of the injured is no longer involved or not.

The shooting took place in front of a gay club near the London pub in the center of the Norwegian capital, outside the pub of Bah Bahornet at 1am (2300 GMT Friday), and then the crowd was high this hot summer night.

“There are reasons to believe this is a hate crime,” he said. Hadlow added, “Especially the London Pub” refers to the nature of the targeted locations.

The LGBT Pride parade scheduled for Saturday afternoon in Oslo has been canceled.

Following the “clear” recommendations of the police, the organizers wrote in a statement that “all events related to Oslo Pride are being canceled.”

As a sign of solidarity, flags were hoisted in the rainbow near the scene of the attack.

“It is estimated that there was only one writer behind the shooting at this stage,” Inspector Tore Soldol told the conference, “but we can not say for sure.”

However, the police force in the capital has been strengthened to deal with other possible incidents, and officers, who are generally unarmed in Norway, have been instructed to arm themselves throughout the kingdom.

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For their part, the counter-terrorism services said they were “acting to determine if other attacks were planned.” “Currently, we have no sign of this direction,” PST said on Twitter.


– ‘Battle Scene’ –

The suspect was arrested Saturday (2319 GMT Friday) at 1:19 a.m., five minutes after the first report.

According to the police, who hailed him as a “heroic contribution”, the public helped catch him and give him first aid.

The person already had to face police for minor acts such as carrying a knife or being punished for possession of drugs.

Two weapons were seized in connection with the attack: an automatic weapon and a handgun. Hadlow presented that “antiquity.”

A witness interviewed in the Verdens Gang (VG) newspaper spoke about “a scene from the war”. “There were a lot of head injuries on the ground,” he said.

According to an NRK reporter who was present at the time of the shooting, the shooter came with a bag from which he removed the shotgun.

“The shooting outside the London pub in Oslo tonight was a brutal and profound attack on innocent people,” said Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Kahr Store.

“We do not yet know the reasons for this heinous act, but for the homosexuals who are now terrified and sad, I would like to say that we are all with you,” he wrote on Facebook.

The government conference is scheduled for 2:00 pm (12:00 GMT).

King Harold said he was “terrified”. “We must unite to protect our values ​​of freedom, diversity and mutual respect,” he said in an official statement.

Normally peaceful Norway has been the scene of bloody attacks since July 22, 2011, carried out by right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik.