December 8, 2022


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Presidential Election 2022: At the end of the debate the French press offers Macron a small advantage

Emmanuel Macron spoke harshly against a determined Marine Le Pen during a dense and Azerbaijani televised debate on Wednesday evening, but was generally respectful. The two presidential candidates have shown themselves as poles in almost everything: Europe, sailing, wind …

Newspapers underscore the good performance of different exchanges with the last fight between two candidates who missed Ms Le Pen’s training five years ago.

On the first page, newspapers often support the photograph of each candidate’s full argument, hands on the floor and firm gaze. The
Thus titled “Fight without Privilege”.

“Five years ago, it was a democratic farce (…) this time, the discussion of ideas took place,” Luke welcomes Borian for his part.
Republican East

There were spikes during the nearly three-hour discussion, of course.
Le Parisien / Today in France
To support the headline “When you talk to Putin, talk to your banker”, “Macron in attack, Le Pen in defense”

“Thank you for this moment”

“Thank you for this moment,” Frederick Wessard even dared in his editorial
The latest news from Alsace
Glad to have participated in the “clear discussion” of two visions of France facing each other in the open.

For a moment “long and dense, initially a little boring in purchasing power, but in the end, the teaching, though not really exciting”, for his part, Lauren discovered Bodin.

It’s like the couple sitting on the front of their TV set
Western France
The French have seen “two opposite visions” in the daily headlines.

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Everyone remembers the tired and lost Marine Le Pen in his files in 2017. She did “very well. But she did not turn the table: her opponent did not lose the match, “said Judge Patrice Chabnet.
Journal of Hot-Marne

Seems too harsh. “Not finished yet”, Miss. Left-wing daily headlines in a close-up photo of Le Pen staring into space.

“Contradictory and ambiguous in many areas, Marine Le Pen has shown the limitations of training in war and moderation,” said Olivier Biske.
Free lunch
Emmanuel Macron “was a little determined in what he did” but rated it “offensive and accurate”, “winning this first round” before Sunday’s vote.

Evening condition

What lesson can we learn from this discussion? “The biting president loses his enemy’s revenge”, headlines
. Emmanuel Macron “dominated a debate in Le Pen”.