November 30, 2022


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Presidential election in France: Florian Philipped withdraws candidacy

“Faced with a completely locked and flawed sponsorship system,” the leader of the small movement Les Patriotes observes, “in a statement,” the candidacy for the presidential election announced last July could not go until the end of President Macron’s horrific intervention.

In Thursday’s Constituent Assembly’s final vote, Florian Philippott received only one sponsorship, as did Yville-sur-Seine (Seine-maritime) Mayor Nadine Bienfait-Loisel, who condemned the “health dictatorship”. Mr. According to Philip, his committees have been working for days to “stop sending signatures” to the council, knowing “sufficient sponsorship promises”.

Florian Philippot, defending France’s exit from the EU (Frexit), is calling on mayors who have pledged to finance him “give their signature to the candidate they want who has not yet received the required 500 sponsorships”.

But he did not call for another candidate to be voted on at this point, before the online consultation of members of the Patriots, who, according to him, would be 36,000 and “actively participate in the defeat of Emmanuel Macron”. Including the Assembly elections in June.

On January 15, one of the demonstrations against the Health Pass in Paris was marked by an attack on an AFP group, led by Mr. Philip “condemned” and described it as a “minor failure” in defense.

Agencies France-Press has reported “deliberate violence at meetings” and “death threats” and in his name “obstruction of freedom of expression”.

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