February 2, 2023


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Pressure on hospitals continues to rise, “many sectors are in a steep decline”

The number of Covit-19 patients admitted to the hospital and the number of patients in intensive care continued to rise on Sunday, with more than 7,500 patients in the hospital, according to figures from the Public Health France.

The number of Kovid patients in the hospital now stands at 7,581, including 312 new hospitals in 24 hours, up from 7,409 the previous day and 6,843 last Sunday.

Important care services that welcome the worst patients accounted for 1,137 patients on Sunday (including 69 admissions in 24 hours), 1,099 on Saturday and 886 a week ago.

The index fell below the 1000 mark on July 7, before slowly beginning to rise.

Not sure how the delta variation will behave in the summer.

19,600 new pollution cases were registered on Sunday, 23,471 on Saturday and 16,167 last Sunday. The positive ratio is stable at 4.3%.

In an interview with Aust-France released this weekend, the health minister described the situation.Very fragile and uncertain“.”In the summer, we don’t know how the delta variation will behave at home like our neighbors. In France, we observe very strong regional fluctuations in event rates and the evolution of the virus. Many sectors are on a steep slope“, He added.

The disease has claimed 18 new deaths in 24 hours at the hospital, bringing the total number of deaths since the outbreak to 111,916, including 85,402 at the hospital.

On the vaccination side, 42,592,047 people have received at least one injection (63.2% of the total population) since the campaign began in France and 35,472,139 now have a complete vaccination schedule (i.e. 52.6% of the total population).

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