October 7, 2022


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Protesters rally in Paris: “Macron, your boss, we don’t want that”

They chanted “Freedom, Freedom” in front of a large crowd of CRS parked in front of the Boyce-Royal, where the State Council and the Constituent Assembly are located. Among the symptoms, we can read: “Pass of shame”, “Total neglect” or “Refusal to be a guinea pig”.

At around 8:30 pm, some of the protesters left the venue with only 200 people, including a dozen CRS trucks parked near the Place to Boyce-Royal.

“It is not normal for nine people (from the Constituent Assembly) to decide our independence,” said Benj Farhat, 42, one of the organizers of the “yellow dress” rally. “People on a fixed-term contract or temporary workers (not vaccinated and without a pass, without reference) can be fired but they will be suspended without pay,” the telecommunications technician commented, “there will be two people”: “Someone wanted offers, we no longer go to the cinema, cafe , Can’t go to work “.

Among the protesters was Jerome Rodriguez, the figure of the yellow-clad movement, who was thrown by a grenade during a demonstration in 2019.

The health and pass (Total Vaccine, Negative Govt-19 Test or Recovery Certificate) bill, aimed at combating the Govt-19 epidemic, will be extended to cafes and restaurants from Monday. Trainers for airplanes, trains, long journeys, exhibitions, seminars and trade shows.

Frédéricque Baron, housewife, assured AFP-TV: “I am not against the vaccine. It’s only six months back, so I’m not able to make up my mind to do it yet. “

“Show me my ID card to have a coffee, it’s not possible. I want to be as free as before but as before, I hope it’s not possible anymore,” the forty-year-old protester added.

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Some protesters waited all day for the end of the sages, welcoming with Hoods the verification of most of the laws on the health seat. “Fabius in prison!” They shouted for the attention of the head of the Constitutional Council.

Marie Jose Libro, 48, declined to say what business she was doing in Paris, but told the AFP: “For me, all of this undermines fundamental freedoms and freedoms. We are in a position to enter a dictatorial state,” the protester added. People are fighting with each other. “