June 24, 2022


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Putin compares himself to Tsar Peter the Great: ‘It is now up to us to take back what belongs to Russia’

Russia celebrates the 350th birthday of Tsar Peter the Great, best known for his campaign in Sweden in the 18th century.

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LDuring his tribute to Tsar Peter the Great’s 350th birthday, he described Russian President Vladimir Putin as having a common historical goal: “to recapture Russian lands”. This is information from Newplot.

“Peter the Great led the Great Northern War for 21 years,” said Vladimir Putin. “You can say he was at war with Sweden and took something from them. He did not take anything from them. He took back what belonged to Russia,” he said after visiting the exhibition on Peter the Great in St. Petersburg.

On Russian television, he drew a parallel between this war and the current war in Ukraine. “It is in our hands now to reclaim what belongs to Russia. If we value these values ​​as the basis for our existence, we will surely succeed in achieving our goals.”

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