November 30, 2022


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Quick recap: Grammy Grant four-step bell-beater, Blazers beat Suns 108-106

Quick recap: Grammy Grant four-step bell-beater, Blazers beat Suns 108-106

For the second time in less than three weeks, it was Phoenix Suns square against Portland Trail Blazers Friday night, this time with bragging rights to top the Western Conference on the line.

Sure, it’s early November. Yes, the Blazers were without Damian Lillard. The last time you checked, matches in November count toward your total season record. And that ended up in Phoenix’s L column.

It was like a civil war field at the center of the footprint, with both teams dropping many players – and losing some along the way – in this competition. It’s been back and forth all the time, and led by Jeramy Grant by 30 points, the Blazers have now beaten Phoenix twice this season.

game flow

first half

We knew Esh Wainwright was off the field, but before we could send the information live, we knew another member of the Suns team wouldn’t be wearing the game’s uniform. Sadly, Phoenix would be without the services of Duane Washington Jr.

On a more serious note, Cameron Payne was also wasting time, dealing with his sore left foot. The guard point depth will be tested on Friday night. Conversely, Anfernee Simons would join Damian Lillard on the sidelines because it wouldn’t suit him either.

the suns she did Watch the return of Deandre Ayton, who missed the last two matches after spraining his ankle against New Orleans Pelicans. He seemed graceful and eloquent, doing his best to strengthen his opponent, Josef Nurkic. Similar to his debut in Portland earlier this season, he hit three pointers.

And defended, he looked great early on. Eaton scored 9 points in the first quarter in a 4-of-7 shot from the field, including 1 on 1 from depth.

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Devin Booker started with 7 points fast, scoring a pair of three throws, including one from the Jefferson Street garage.

Cameron Johnson made his way into the locker room after having a right knee problem and eventually didn’t come back. yes. Another injury to Cam Johnson.

Monty Williams had to go deep into the bench given all the injuries, just like Portland. We watched Josh Okoji enter the game in the first quarter. This is not a normal sight.

It’s a really deep game.

Portland’s young players, both 19-year-old Keon Johnson and 19-year-old Shydon Sharp, amassed 13 points in the first quarter with the Blazers, keeping them in the game. That and the Suns’s 5 turnovers, which lead to a 6-point Blazer.

Sharp charted his third foul over time in the first, and the Suns held onto tight 28-25 lead after one.

In the second, Williams put up a lineup that includes Jock Landal and Dario Saric. yes. This was strange! The team continued to have difficulty holding the ball, as formations that were unable to produce their own shot were on the field.

They missed the Suns Cam Pine.

Jerami Grant began flexing his offensive muscle in the second, taking several shots from mid-range and attacking Tori Craig in defense. He had 16 in a quarter. They started building their lead because the Suns couldn’t make anything. three. the fall. jumpers; One time property.

Portland fired 60% of the field – 50% of three – outpacing Sun by 13 per second. The Sun was 6 out of 21 from the field (28.6%) and 1 out of 8 (12.5%) from behind the arc. Portland led up to 15 in the inning.

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Ayton led all scorers with 18 goals as they headed into the locker room, and the Blazers’ tally went up 10, 59-49.

the other half

Michael Bridges, who scored just two points in the first half, came out stronger on both ends of the ground for The Sun. With Cam Johnson out, the opportunity was there. and will need to.

Booker also came in aggressive, and started attacking rather than just jumping. But the closer the Suns got to the Blazers, the more Portland — and Jeramy Grant — answered.

Phoenix had an impressive 7-0 run, using his defense to set pace, and trimmed the Blazers’ lead to 8. Landry Shamet completed a 4-point play with 5.8 seconds left in the third, cutting Portland’s lead to 4, closing the quarter in round 19 -10. The Blazers got a tip as time ran out, however, and entered fourth with an 86-60 lead.

The fourth started as a competitive match for the Suns as they finally broke through the 4-point deficit barrier with 7:45 remaining on the fastball layup at Shamet.

The game kept getting close, hanging at 3 points, but Phoenix couldn’t get past the hump through the canyon that was halfway which was fourth. Bad mistake here, travel there. The sun could not penetrate the other side.

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With 4:15 left, Damien Lee tied the three-pointer in the match at 97 points. Lee, who saw plenty of playing time with guard depth exhausted in the game, put in a good performance throughout the match from both ends. He finished with 13 points from 4 of 8, with 3 3-pointers.

Deandre Ayton was called up for his fifth foul in the next play as the struggling Nurkic brought him down. Nork has 14 points in 6 rebounds from 13 and 8 rebounds on the night. Norkic’s game is not dominant by any means.

The Suns took the lead, 101-99, in a very difficult jumping game by Devin Booker.

Ayton had a great position at Norkic to get a tip in less than a minute to take the lead, but Josef Nurkic hit back with three pointers to put the Blazers ahead.

Enter Poker. He hit three on Norkic to put Phoenix back 106-104 with 25.9 left. But again, Nurkic responded with an offensive bounce that tied the match.

Michael Bridges turned the ball over 1.0 seconds from the left.

Jerami Grant received the ball, traveled, and hit the match winner. will be the verdict.

next one

Are you ready to get a second help from the Blazers, playing it for the third time in 16 days? Then go my friends! Suns vs. Blazers III tomorrow night, appearing live at the footprint center.

Good night, happy tomorrow.