August 19, 2022


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Rebellion in Washington: Trump ally threatened with prosecution

The parliamentary committee began meeting at 7:00 pm (Tuesday at 1:00 pm in Belgium) to decide the fate of Donald Trump’s former “staff leader”.

Mark Meadows, one of the president’s closest advisers to the troubled president, is the center of attention.

The 62-year-old has provided thousands of pages of official documents, emails and text messages to investigators, but refuses to testify before the commission at any cost. Mark Meadows faces prosecution on the grounds that his silence “attempts to obstruct congressional proceedings.”

“SMS and Mark Meadows’ emails reveal his deep implications in preparation for the January 6 attack,” Jamie Ruskin, who was elected Monday evening, estimated. He urged the parliamentary committee to recommend that he be prosecuted.

With little doubt about the outcome of Monday night’s referendum, Benny Thompson of the Democrats had previously stated that he had no choice but to recommend a lawsuit against Mr Meadows for refusing to cooperate.

The recommendation of these nine elected officials must be approved by the House of Representatives on Tuesday before being sent to the Ministry of Justice. The final decision on blaming Mark Meadows rests with him.

This former senior White House official, known to be very clever, is in danger of imprisonment.

His lawyer has denounced the process as “unreasonable” and “irrational” and has already taken legal action against the so-called “January 6” Commission, the date of the attack on Capitol. (

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