October 7, 2022


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Regional in France: Perfect wins in PACA, Valerie Begres re-elected in All-de-France, RN has no region

The region’s second round confirmed almost 66% of the vote on Sunday, and the bonus paid by voters to the outgoing LR and BS, but also indicates that the RNN failed to pick a region, with its best chance ten months before the presidential election.

Since the last polling stations closed at 8pm, the turnout of the nearly 48 million voters invited to the polls on Sunday has been around 33% in metropolitan France, down from 55,57% in 2015, at the same level as in the first round.


In the Provence Alps-Cட்டாte d’Azur region, this Sunday’s poll was particularly scrutinized. The final fight was against Republican Renat Museler, who joined the LREM, and passed the National Assembly to former Minister Thierry Mariani under Sarkozy. The latter took first place in the first round.

According to initial estimates, the Republican candidate will receive 57% of the vote and 43% of Theory Mariani’s list.

Renat Museler seems to have used the Republican Party. Candidate of the left Jean-Laurent Felicia, R.N. In order to prevent I., he withdrew at the last moment. More voters rallied this Sunday. According to the Ipsos Institute, voting for this second round fell 4.1 points (62.2% points) on the PACA.


Vladimir Beckres (former LR, Librez!), The outgoing leader of the L-D-France region, won the second round of regional elections, ahead of ecologist Julian Bayou’s list of left-wing unions. Estimates from two pollsters.

Ms Beckres will receive 45.5 to 44.1% of the vote, while Julian Bay (EELV / PS / PCF / LFI / Generations) will receive 32.5 to 34.6%, while RN 10.5 and 9.5%, respectively, according to IPO-Fiduciary Estimates for TF1-LCI and Ipsos / Chopra Steria, followed by France Televisions, Radio France and LCP.

Valerie Begres rated on Sunday in support of the region’s second round, “the French team on the right and center (in the regions (appeared)”. “We have a huge responsibility in which I will play my part,” he continued. “More than ever, not only for my beliefs, but also for the values ​​of the Republic.” I want to continue to fight with all my might. “

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In Hots-de-France, outgoing President Xavier Bertrand (former LR) will win more than 52% of the vote, with RN candidate Sebastian Chenu and leader of the Left Karima Delhi’s union list.

Presidential candidate Xavier Bertrand said on Sunday that he was ready to go to the “meeting of all French people” after his big victory, according to estimates, in the second round of the region. “This decision gives me the strength to go out and meet all the French,” he said. Bertrand said in his stronghold of Saint-Quentin (Aisne), “There is a prerequisite for the recovery of our country: the order and dignity of redemption.”

Auvergne-Rh -ne-Alps

According to several estimates, left-wing union candidate Fabian Grebert and list leader RN Laurent Wagwis, the LR leader for the Auvergne-Rh -ne-Alps region, won the second round of regional elections, ahead of Andrea Cotarac.

Laurent Vaughan is ranked 55.9% in the first place and 55% in the Opinionway, according to iPop / Fitness and Ipsos / Chopra Steria. Fabian Grebert reported between 32% (Opinionway for Cnews) and 33.2% (for Ifop / Fiducial for TF1 / LCI), Mr.

New Aquitaine

According to estimates by voting agencies, Alain Rousette (PS), the outgoing leader of the new Aquitaine region, will run in the second round of regional elections. Edwiz wins earlier than Diaz.

Mr. Rousseau received 39.2% to 39.3% of the vote, Ms. Diaz 18.4% to 18.9%, and ecologist Nicola Theory 14.8% to 14.3%. Nicholas Florian (14.8% to 14.3%), and Modem Genevieve Dariussek 12.8 to 13.2%, TF1 / LCI and Iphos Fitness Institute and France Televisions, Radio France and Ipsos / Chopra Stop for Parliament Channel .


Outgoing President Carol Delca on Sunday named candidate RN as the leader of the second round of the regional election. He was preceded in death by Jean-Paul Carrot and LR Arlene Bradyk, head of the list.

According to Ipsos / Chopra Steria estimates for France Televisions / Radio France / Parliamentary Channel, Ms. Delka is 23.9% to Jean-Paul Corrad and Mr. Pratibha received 18.3% of the vote.

“Courage, proximity and common sense guide our action. This decision respects and obliges me. I can measure its purpose and power,” Carol Delca declared without success during a solemn speech on Sunday evening.

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He welcomed the region’s voters who rejected the death and resolution “pushing the far right” back. “Here in Occitania, we include this plural left, the environment and the citizen,” he added.


With 39% of the vote in the second round in the outgoing LR Grand East region, RN. Laurent was almost 12 points ahead of Jacques Bell, according to Ipsos / Chopra Steria estimates for the French Television / Radio France / Parliamentary Channel.

With the support of the Socialist Party and the PCF, ecologist Elian Romani is in third place with 21.1%, with the president receiving 12.8% of the vote, ahead of Brigitte Klingert.


Gilles Simeone, the outgoing autonomous leader of Corsica’s executive committee, won the second round of the regions on Sunday with 39.7% of the vote, ahead of Ajaxio’s mayor and right – wing trade union leader Laurent Margangeli (32.1%), according to one estimate.

Jean-Christophe Angelini, the leader of the PNC-Corsica Libera list, came in third with 15.2% of the vote, followed by Paul-Felix Benedetti, leader of the radical Liberal Party in Core in Frande, with 13% of the vote. Ipsos / Chopra Steria rating for France Deloitte / Radio France / Parliamentary Channel.

De la Lower pays

Cristelle Mornacois (LR), the outgoing leader of the Pace de la Lower region, won the second round of the region, ahead of environmentalist Matthew Orfel, according to a poll.

L.R. France Televisions, Radio France and LCP reported that Hervவ் Juin for National Rally and Franசois de Rookie for LREM / Modem would charge 10.8% and 8.3%, respectively.

Lower Fence Center

According to the first estimate, outgoing President Fran பிரான்ois Ponnio, as head of the left-wing list, won the second round of regional elections on Sunday in the Center-Wall de Lower.

With 38.5% of the vote, Alexander Nicolic (22.7%) and Nicola Forcier’s LR-UTI (22.7%) won by a landslide (16.1) ahead of Parliamentary Relations Minister Mark Fesnio. %), According to an Ipsos Chopra Steria rating.

Porcogne-Fran -ois-Comte

The outgoing P.S., in alliance with environmental activists and communists. Mary-Guide Duffy received 42.5% of the vote in the second round of the Borgogne-Franz-Comte on Sunday, far ahead of LR candidate Gilles Flatret (24.4%), according to one estimate.

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According to Ipsos / Chopra Steria estimates for France TV / Radio France / Parliamentary Channel, RN candidate Julian Otol is in third place with 23.7% of the vote.


Outgoing Herv Morin (Les centrists), backed by right-wingers, won 44.2% of the vote in the second round of the regional election in Normandy, an estimate of an alliance with ecologists (25.9%) over Socialist Melanie Boulanger.

According to Ipsos / Chopra Steria ratings for France Televisions / Radio France / Parliamentary Channel, RN Nicholas Bay came in third with 20.1% of the vote, behind LREM Laurent Ponter (9.8%).


Brittany Region President (PS) Lok Chesnais-Girord came out as the winner of the regional second round on Sunday, but his score of 29.8% to 30.9% of the vote did not allow him to secure an absolute majority, according to preliminary estimates.

In this quartet, according to Ipsos Chopra-Steria and Elab, the list of outgoing presidents includes environmental candidate Claire Desmares-Porier’s L.R. (19.8 to 20%). , LREM Theory Burlott (14.6 to 14.9%) and RN. Gilles Pennell (13 to 13.4%).

“Success is beautiful, I owe it to Britons and Britons,” said Lock Chesnais-Girord, who succeeded Secretary of State Jean-Yves Le Drian in 2017.

“The Britons have made a very clear choice: 30% of the seats (sic), which is a good motivation. I have lasting respect as the youngest president of France (in the region, note). C ‘is also very good news for Brittany, which gives a good impression,” said the elected Socialist. 44 years said.

Despite his relative majority, Locke Cessnais-Girord said he was “very happy” and “completely calm.” He did not reach the other lists considering the 3rd round (election of the president of the region) and was satisfied with the announcement on Monday morning that he would gather his majority to “work, prepare our first session”. Will be held on Friday.