August 17, 2022


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Reinforced health pass in France: What is changing for Belgian tourists

To go to a restaurant, Belgians on vacation in France need proof of vaccination or a test within two days, starting in August.

To spend a holiday in France, currently, you need a health pass when crossing the border, even though checks for motorists are very rare.

This passport must be of European standard Evidence of passenger immunization (For at least two weeks after the second injection with serum Pfizer, modern or astrogenic, With preparation for four weeks Johnson & Johnson; And dating for at least two weeks after the first injection in patients with goiter) or a Test Recent negative (PCR or antigen) (Less than 72 hours). Is accepted Positive test More than 2 weeks, and less than 6 months, indicates a limited risk of re-infection.

48 h

Evidence of a negative test to access events should not exceed 48 hours.

It is the entry into French territory. But on Monday evening, President Emmanuel Macron announced a new strategy, which will be Effects Vacationers and their activities.

For museums from July 21st

From July 21, shelters for more than 1,000 people (stadiums, nightclubs …) will require the already requested health pass. Visit museums and attend ceremonies, Go Zoos or amusement parksS. The most popular activities among tourists … so those who are not vaccinated will have to go through the check box for these activities, in the context of events, This screening should be from a maximum of 48 hours.

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That’s not all. In early August, This health pass will become mandatory Enter cafes, restaurants, and malls. This will be requested Long distance transport (Planes, trains, coaches).

In France, advertising was created A popular incentive for vaccination, Pointed out the Doctole booking site this Tuesday morning 926,000 French Took Appointment to vaccinate Monday evening first.

That is: after receiving the injection, there is a respectable deadline to benefit from protection, so a certificate is required.

You get ready to leave

How should the Belgians prepare for these changes? Belgian application Govitsoff, who Vaccine proof, Can be used in France. The Paper version Vaccination certification can also be used.

Belgians who do not want to be vaccinated, but change their mind to stay across the Quewrain, risk Short, Saw Respect deadline After the bite to be fully protected. Those who receive only a single dose are more likely to try a second dose. Those who do not opt ​​for a single dose of Johnson & Johnson can choose quickly, With a month’s wait to protect, it brings them The last fifteen days of August



In France, operations require a health pass from the age of 12.

Not for children and teenagers

What about children? France retreated on Tuesday evening. Up to 17 years, Young people should not need a pass from July 21st. They will not be charged until August 30. A decision that does not spoil the family vacation …