March 21, 2023


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Rescue operations continued throughout the night, with no sign of a baby yet

But excavation work in this village in the poorest part of northern Morocco continues very slowly.

The last two meters are very difficult to reach the boy at the bottom of the 32 meter hole because there is a risk of rocks collapsing.

No information has been leaked about little Ryan’s fate, but as the hours go by, doubts about his chances of finding him alive are resolved.

According to local officials, rescuers – engineers and landscaping experts – dug a three-meter horizontal tunnel parallel to the perimeter to protect the perimeter and access the child’s trapped pocket.

Under difficult circumstances, they worked in the light of powerful spotlights for the past few hours without interruption, bringing a dark touch to the scene of the tragedy, AFP reporters reported. Communication is very bad in this isolated bed.

Police reinforcements were stopped and some crowds sometimes disrupted the work of rescuers and journalists.

In recent days thousands of sympathizers have arrived, coming from afar as a sign of solidarity, encamped at an altitude of about 700 meters, regardless of the freezing cold in the Riff Mountains.

“We came to lend a hand to the rescuers. Ryan is a child from our area and we pray to God that he will be saved, ”one volunteer testified. “We’ll not leave until he’s out of the well.”

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“We’re almost there. We’ve working hard,” one task supervisor explained. “Fatigue is felt, but all rescue teams resist unexpectedly.”

“We pray to God”

The boy accidentally fell Tuesday afternoon into a 32-meter dry well dug, narrow and hard to access, near a family residence in Ighrane village near Bab Berred in Chefchaouen province.

“I hope my baby comes out of this well alive,” Ryan’s father told state television 2M on Friday night. “I thank everyone who rallied in Morocco and elsewhere and everyone who supported us.”

The play began with the disappearance of the child at 2:00 pm (1:00 pm GMT) on Tuesday: “The whole family rallied to search for him until we learned he had fallen into the well,” he told local reporters. The baby’s mother, her eyes filled with tears.

Ryan’s accident has created a great deal of sympathy and solidarity on social media around the world.

“The rescuers are really moving up the hill to save little #Ryan, and I hope their efforts will not be in vain and that their prayers will be answered for all who prayed for him,” one baker commented.

“Wait, little Ryan, please,” another user pleaded on Twitter.

Local officials told AFP that a team was ready to recover from the horizontal violation once the child came out.

A medical helicopter is ready to maintain him.

“Our hearts are with the family and we pray to God that he finds his loved ones soon,” government spokesman Mustafa Baidas assured the crowd, adding that “rescue workers must be allowed to work to save this child.”

The accident echoes a tragedy that took place in early 2019 in Andalusia, Spain. A two-year-old child has died after falling into an abandoned well 25 centimeters in diameter and 100 meters deep.

After an extraordinary thirteen days of research, little Julen’s body was found.