November 30, 2022


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Rescuers are outnumbered, “I’m still shaking”

This Saturday, November 12, a building suddenly collapsed in the early hours of the morning in Lille on rue Pierre-Mauroy in the center of the city. At 11 a.m., emergency services were seen preparing a stretcher, which was presumed dead. detected.


A building consisting of two apartment buildings collapsed suddenly on Saturday 12th November around 9:15 am. The building in question is located a few meters away from the Grand-Place.

The area is cordoned off. No casualties appear to have occurred from the first elements. But research is ongoing.

A tourist explains what he saw, VDN reports: “We are fine. Surprised by vibrations and noise. Then there was a cloud of dust above our second floor. Our hotel was now empty (which wasn’t too surprising). Initially for fear of a gas explosion, but I don’t think we’ll sleep there again tonight… I’m sure there’s no one down there, but the building next to our hotel has disappeared terribly…”.

Martine Aubry went there: “We were informed by a young man who was coming home at 3 in the morning and realized that the door was open and the wall was at a strange angle. Firefighters and the municipal police arrived immediately and we took the order of danger,” says Martine Aubry, who arrived at the scene. The tenants were evacuated. . “My only concern is that there was no death, no injury,” she said, thinking it might have been more serious at another time or without the young man’s warning. “I’m still shaking.”

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According to a journalist from La Voix du Nord, a gas leak could be the cause of the collapse.

The first intervention at this address took place at 3:30 a.m. by firefighters, who were called because one of the two buildings showed signs of instability: a resident returning from an evening would have noticed cracks and immediately raised the alarm. Following this, the fire brigade and city police were involved in picketing. A total of six flats were identified there, four of which were occupied.

The tenants of the two apartments were moved to the hotel by their insurance. A third have been resettled with their families. In the fourth apartment, the tenants have already moved out. The city also immediately intervened on the call of firefighters and condemned the entrance to the building. An emergency order was immediately issued.

Many people on social media are congratulating the person who gave the warning after returning from the evening. “The boy who came home from the evening, warned and saved his neighbor’s life! »,