October 7, 2022


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Restaurant sues customers to get $3,000 tip back

Restaurant sues customers to get $3,000 tip back

Ras al-Omar was actually the “tip” of the iceberg.

A Pennsylvania pizzeria best known for being featured on the hit sitcom “The Office” is suing a customer for $3,000 after The beneficiary left this amount in the tips But then he asked to return it.

“It’s a little annoying right now. It’s caused a lot of nonsense and drama,” Zachary Jacobson, manager of Alfredo’s Pizza in Scranton, said. He told local news station WNEP From an act of perverted kindness.

Jacobson said the restaurant is now suing the customer and noted that they all “thought someone was trying to do a good thing.”

The bounty failure began in June after one of the pie-serving patrons, Eric Smith, left waitress Mariana Lambert, $3,000 on a $13 bill. The customer, who had only ordered a plate of Stromboli, reportedly left the potentially life-changing bonus as part of a social media trend called “Tips for Jesus”.

The story went viral with countless people on social media commenting on the so-called act of kindness.

Mariana Lambert was initially thrilled at what she thought was the mother of all advice.
YouTube / WNEP

While the employees were initially skeptical due to the crazy amount of money, the employees were ecstatic after the credit card payment was made via their machine.

Needless to see, Lambert was initially swayed by the seemingly generous gesture, especially considering how restaurants were still reeling from the COVID-19 shutdown. “It really meant a lot to me because everyone goes through things,” she gushed. “It really touched my heart. I still can’t believe it. I am still in shock.”

However, the employee’s gratitude quickly soured after the restaurant received “something in the mail that Eric was objecting to his tipping charge,” Jacobson said. This was despite the fact that the restaurant had already paid the bonus to Lambert, leaving them with nearly $3,000 out of their pockets, according to a WNEP report.

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Annoyed, Alfredo reached out to Smith on Facebook hoping the whole thing was a misunderstanding, but the restaurant picker stopped responding to their messages.

Alfredo's Pizza Cafe was mentioned in an NBC mockumentary "the desk."
Alfredo Pizza is mentioned in the NBC movie The Office.
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“We thought someone was trying to do a good thing,” Jacobson said with regret. “Then we are now, what after three months? Not even, and there is nothing.”

After Alfredo was left with no other way, he decided to sue Mr. Smith with the goal of recovering the $3,000.

“Unfortunately, we had to file a case through the judge’s office because we just ran out of money at this point,” Jacobson said. He told us to sue him. So that’s what we’re going to do eventually, I think.”

“I hope he takes his actions and comes out and pushes this because you shouldn’t have done that if that was the end result,” he added.

Alfredo is perhaps most famous for his mention in Season 4, Episode 3 of The Icon The NBC comedy series The Office.

A receipt showing the disputed tip.
A receipt showing the disputed tip.
YouTube / WNEP

During that episode, titled “The Launch Ceremony,” Dunder Mifflin’s Chef Michael Scott announced that he had bought an Alfredo pizza for all employees.

However, they were appalled after it was revealed that there was no Alfredo Pizza Café – their preferred choice – and instead opted for the allegedly inferior Alfredo pizza, which Kevin described as a “hot rubbish circle”.