February 3, 2023


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Retro studios teases a new update

Retro studios teases a new update

journalist day Metroid Prime 4 It’s been almost impossible for Nintendo Switch fans to come along, but it looks like that could change soon. Developer Retro Studios has updated the banner on its Twitter account to a new piece of art depicting protagonist Samus Aran. The developer rarely updates his Twitter account; The latest tweet is from January 27 when Retro shared a pair of Jobs, and before that, the developer hasn’t tweeted since December 2020. The new image might be a hint that the announcement is finally coming after all this time!

The image from the company’s Twitter account can be found below.

(Photo: Retro Studios)

Retro Studios is the team responsible for developing the first three Metroid Prime games. Metroid Prime 4 It was first announced by Nintendo at E3 2017, but Retro Studios was not initially involved. In January 2019, Nintendo announced that development of the game was beginning anew, with Retro now at its helm. In the three years since, there has been very little information available from Nintendo. The company briefly mentioned the game at E3 2021 during an announcement Metroid dreadbut no gameplay footage has been shown yet, no screenshots, and no talk of a launch window.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the original Metroid Primewhich debuted on the Nintendo GameCube on November 18, 2002. Given the fact that Nintendo has already revealed a number of major games released this year, it is highly unlikely that Metroid Prime 4 You will appear in time for that anniversary. However, there were a number of rumors About the HD remaster of the first gameAnd it looks like it could appear on the Switch in the second half of the year. Perhaps the ad will be accompanied by some concrete information about Metroid Prime 4, but there is no way to be sure for sure. For now, fans will have to be thrilled with this newly revealed piece of art!

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What do you think of this new piece of Metroid Prime 4 art? When do you think we will see the game launch? Tell us in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at Tweet embed To talk about all things gaming!