July 3, 2022


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RIP Julee Cruise, David Lynch collaborator and singer

RIP Julee Cruise, David Lynch collaborator and singer

Julie Cruz

Julie Cruz
picture: Andrew Toth (Getty Images)

Julie CruzThe singer is probably best known for working with her David Lynch on me Twin Peaks And the blue velvet, Die. Shared by her husband, Edward Grenant news Her death was posted on the B-52 Facebook page late last night. She was 65 years old.

His statement read: “For those of you who have returned, I thought they might want to know that I said goodbye to my wife, Julie Cruz, today. She left this world on her own terms. No regrets. She is at peace. Having had such a varied musical career She often said that the time she spent filling in Cindy while she had family was the happiest time of her stage life. She will be forever grateful to them. When she first went up to the microphone with Fred and Kate, she said it was like joining the Beatles. You’ll always love them and won’t You never forget their travels around the world together. I played for herroamingduring its transmission period. Now you will wander forever. Rest in peace, my love, and I love you all.”

With an ethereal and unsettling sound, it quickly became a favorite of Lynch, who used her song “Falling” as the theme for the popular ’90s series. Twin Peaks. She also appeared as a character in the series, reappearing in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me And the Twin Peaks: Back. before working on Twin PeaksLynch included “Love Mysteries” on the soundtrack for his 1986 movie blue velvet. In addition, Cruise played “The Dreamself of the Heartbroken Woman” in Lynch’s stage production, Industrial Symphony No. 1 Along with Laura Dern and Nicolas Cage.

“It’s like I’m his little sister: You don’t like your older brother telling you what to do. David Foppish,” Cruz said earlier of collaborating with her. “He can have those tantrums sometimes. And have you ever seen his temper? Anyone can look funny when they go crazy. But I love him.”

In addition to her work on The Lynch Projects, Cruise released four solo albums during her career, including her 1989 debut float in the night and 2002 the art of being a girl. For Wim Wenders Until the end of the worldCruz scored an Elvis Presley coverSummer Kisses, Winter Tears. “

Following the release of “Falling” and Floating Into The Night, Cruise performed on Saturday Night Live as a last minute replacement for Sinead O’Connor after the artist pulled out in protest of the host, Andrew Dice Clay. She also served as Cindy Wilson’s stand-in for the B-52s for a stretch in the ‘90s.

The cause of death has not be shared. in 2018Cruz shared details of her struggle with systemic lupus, which has left her in a state of chronic pain, affecting her ability to stand and walk.

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