August 13, 2022


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Rise in Washington: Surprising exchange between Trump and his justice minister before the attack on the Capitol

This surprising transfer took place on December 27, 2020, one and a half months after Joe Biden’s victory on the ballot, according to notes taken by Cabinet No. 2, Richard Donock. Justice Minister Jeffrey Rosen responded to the Republican millionaire by saying, “Understand that the judiciary cannot lift its fingers and change the outcome of an election, and it will not work that way.”

Jeffrey Rosen told Donald Trump that the ministry had seen allegations of voter fraud and that there was no evidence. “We have a duty to tell the people that this is an illegal and corrupt election,” he said.

The conversation took place a few days before the attack on Capitol Hill by supporters of the president. The notes were released on Friday by a delegation investigating the riot. “These handwritten notes indicate that President Trump directly ordered his main law enforcement agency to take action in his last days to thwart fair and free elections,” the elected official said. .

In parallel, the Anti-Corruption Commission Responsibility and Ethics (CREW) filed a new complaint on Thursday, urging the judiciary to investigate Donald Trump and his chief of staff Mark Law, who tried to manipulate the Ministry of Justice as part of the Ministry of Justice. Their extensive campaign to reverse the 2020 presidential election results. “

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