March 21, 2023


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Russia allegedly stole the AstraZeneca vaccine program to develop Sputnik V.

According to the British Defense Services, Russia has stolen the Astrogeneca vaccine program in order to provide its own Sputnik V vaccine. Several British ministers have issued statements on this.

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S.According to UK government sources, several ministers said there was evidence that spies working for the Kremlin had stolen the Oxford / Astrogene vaccine program. Through this project, they may have developed their own Russian vaccine, Sputnik V. “It is clear that a foreign agent’s plan and essential information was stolen,” he writes The sun.

“We live in a world where state activities involve industrial espionage and economic espionage,” said UK Home Secretary Damien Hinds. “We face more sophisticated threats than ever before. There are still foreign states that want to get important information. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has not yet commented on these allegations.

Two comparable vaccines

Clinical studies show a Russian govt vaccine comparable to the Oxford / Astrogeneca vaccine

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