May 16, 2022


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Russian “powerful attack” on the Azovstal factory in Mariupol, 100 civilians evacuated

Russia on Tuesday launched a “powerful offensive” with the support of tanks and infantry against the Azovstal factory, the last stronghold of the Ukrainian opposition in Mariupol, announcing the commander of the Azov battalion defending the steel industry.

“A powerful offensive is currently underway in the Azovstal region with the support of armored vehicles, tanks, troop landing efforts, boats and numerous infantry components,” said Svyadoslav Palmer. The Azov Regiment said in a video message in the Telegram.

“We were bombed all night”

“Currently, the Russian military and units of the Donetsk People’s Republic are using artillery and aircraft to destroy the” firing positions “of Ukrainian militants leaving the factory,” said Vadim Astabiev, a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry.

A spokesman for the Russian Armed Forces said the Ukrainian Azov Brigade, which was guarding the plant, had “used” the declared ceasefire to evacuate civilians, exit the steel plant base and open fire on the area. In factory buildings “.

“We were shelled all night (…), two women were killed, and now the Azovstal attack is going on,” Svyatoslav Palmer, deputy commander of the Azov regiment, told the news site. Ukrainska Pravda.

He called on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky to “take strong action because the situation is so difficult.”

On Tuesday, the UN announced the “successful” evacuation of 101 civilians trapped for weeks in the Ukrainian industrial complex of Azovstol (southeast) in Mariupol, besieged by the Russian military, where it launched a new offensive.

Osnad Lubrani, UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Ukraine, said in a statement: “I am just happy and relieved that 101 civilians have been successfully evacuated from the Azovstal metal plant in Mariupol.

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