November 30, 2022


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Salah Adeslam, Personality Interview. What does he have in his past after Islamic teaching? (Live at 12:30 p.m.)

After several weeks of interrogation with the testimonies of the victims of the attacks, it is time to question the personality of the accused. As an important step in assisting, it usually allows the parties to learn more about the accused’s lifestyle, family, occupational status, his criminal record and the general circumstances of the case being prosecuted. Confirmed. But in the context of this murder investigation in a terrorist context, Salah Abdeslam quickly proved that he did not want to submit to the logic of a normal criminal investigation.

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Salah Abdeslam does not bow to the justice of men

Start by pronouncing “Sahada“The profession of the Islamic faith, from his first speech, Salah Abdeslam immediately disqualified human justice in favor of God. I do not recognize you as a judge, you have no account. He is a “In another logic, another naturalness and another rationality.

An attitude Confirms whether it is still needed Salah Abdeslam does not have the same rationale or the same conclusions.

The stumbling block of his past, he is now only a fighter

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When asked by the President of the Court about the profession he does, Salah Abdeslam replied: “That he had given up all occupation as a fighter for an Islamic State. According to Michael Dantin, this note “Militant“As a profession she shows that she has become her” dominant identity “:”He is no longer the son of his parents, he is, for a reason, no more than a soldier in the service of an ideology, and he will follow this logic to the end.“.

Denial of the past is a constant in the process of radicalization

To another question the President asked about his parents, the accused would answer without hesitation:This story has nothing to do with my dad mom name. The words that predict what will happen during the personality interview should be a question that evokes the past, relatives, and influences.As Michael Tandin reminds us, this is a gentle moment that all extremists need: “The state of the intensification process is to see a decay at one point or another, where the intensified object retracts its past for the exclusive benefit of its new identity.“.

Be a leader, lawyer, and spokesperson for victims on the other hand

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Throughout this first part of the investigation, Salah Abdeslam has shown that he wants to be the leader, protector and spokesman for the victims in the “other camp” at the same time, and they have no right to who they think they are. A trial similar to the one that took place in Paris with the November 13 attacks. Whether to release from duty his co-defendants who came to take him to Paris on the evening of the attack : “They served me when they knew nothing.” Or to create a balance between the victims in the two camps : “Were the victims in Syria and Iraq, can they speak?”, Salah Abdeslam explains He did not want to have a low profile during the trial, which is explained by the position he holds for Michael Tandin: SAt the judicial level, it occupies a front-line position. He is the main character and he knows he will get more money for it. So he is no longer in the game like other co-defendants who reduce his role to reduce the penalty, he is not in it“.

Establish symmetry between two opposite laws

To illustrate the following from this approach, let us recall the only moment when the accused was authorized to take a stand in relation to the alleged facts.

When François Hollande decided to attack

Unlike his co-defendants, who had a low profile, Salah Abdeslam placed the issue of justice at the center of the investigation, establishing a symmetry between two opposing laws: “French planes do not discriminate between men, women and children. We wanted France to experience the same pain as we do“Before pointing out the responsibility of the French head of state:”When Franுவாois Hollande decided to attack, he knew that because of this decision, the French were going to face death.“.

Use the test as a sound board

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According to criminologist Michael Dantin, these words are in line with what is expected of someone who has been around for years and months, ready to appear before his judges: “His intention is to use this break time of the trial as a soundboard to confirm both his ideas and his personality.“.

Propaganda effect for a minority population

This is the dimension “Trickster“Michael Tandine of the trial believes that the effect of this propaganda can reach a small minority of people, but that it is also necessary to conduct a criminal investigation to restore civil peace by recalling an abusive rule in a legal state such as the French Republic. Salah Abdeslam can think and express what he wants. But carrying the weapon to restore the balance of the dead has no right to receive justice in the name of a religion or ideology.

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