August 13, 2022


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Sarah and her husband were informed when they signed the deed for their new home, but they “did not ask any questions” …

When she bought an old house in Skiback in northwestern Philadelphia in the U.S. last December, it was reported that Sarah and her husband had hidden several bees in the house.

At the time of signing the bond, in the winter, the bees weren’t too bothered, and neither Sarah nor her husband could have imagined for a moment that bugs would be a problem for them. “It is written in the law that there are bees on the walls, but we don’t ask too many questions about it,” Sarah told CNN. I have to say that the couple had other concerns to resolve. For months that house was abandoned and there was a lot of work.

The problem is, as spring approaches, the bees begin to emerge from their nests. And Sarah and her husband, in fact … found more than 450,000 bees hiding inside the walls of the apartment. They have lived there for more than 30 years.

Needless to say it costs money to kill animals and do the necessary work. Alan Lawanci, who has accepted responsibility for removing the bees, revealed that the house has already been invited several times in recent years. But according to him, the bees were not so aggressive, he was only stabbed “five or six times”.

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