November 30, 2022


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Says a former Russian mercenary: “Money is the only motivation”

Wagner, a former soldier of the Russian group, expressed his confidence on CNN during an interview.

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Dn In an interview with CNN, a former soldier with Wagner Group talks about the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. Marat Kapitulin is one of the fighters of this private military company that provides mercenaries in various armed conflicts around the world.

Money for the same incentive

According to the former mercenary, Russia has increasingly relied on these fighters in its offensive in Ukraine. While the official death toll is unofficial, he says the group “suffered heavy casualties, which is politically sensitive for Putin and the Russian military.” The reason for these losses is simple: the fighters are young and inexperienced, according to an American source.

According to the chapter, the equation underlying the use of these mercenaries is simple: it’s money. “Russian peace for US dollars,” he says. Freelancers can earn up to $5,000 per month. Some fighters have received bonuses in US dollars as a reward for destroying Ukrainian tanks or equipment. This information is transmitted by a Ukrainian source and is based on information collected in Wagner since the beginning of the war.

The Russian army is in disarray

According to the senior, Russian advances are only possible because the Kremlin uses the services of these private militias. “If Russia had not used mercenary groups on such a large scale, the success achieved by the Russian military so far would have been impossible.” According to the chapter, Russian use of private armed groups is on the rise as Russian military strategies are disrupted.

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