July 3, 2022


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Second round of assembly elections in France: setback for Macron, who lost by an absolute majority, here are the final results (in our live)

After Sunday’s assembly election, Emmanuel Macron’s camp won 245 seats, with an absolute majority (289), followed by the Nupes with 135 seats and a historic improvement with RN 89 seats, according to the AFP ‘total.

LR won 61 seats against 100 in the previous assembly and its ally UDI won three seats.

According to the Interior Ministry, the turnout was 53.77%.

The main denial

This Sunday, French women and men voted to elect representatives to the National Assembly. With a majority vote for President Emmanuel Macron, he must face a coalition of the left, an active melancholy of the NUPES “led”. The election campaign for this election, sometimes referred to as the “third round”, has already begun during the presidential election.

President Emmanuel Macron lost his absolute majority in the National Assembly and faced overwhelming opposition. If these results are confirmed, the president will have to find alliances to implement his reform plan over the next five years in the face of persistent opposition that will not do him any favors.

This, according to observers, could lead to long-term political instability in France, which is not accustomed to parliamentary compromises. The role of parliament may also be restructured.

For the majority of the president, election night took a form. “Slapping“, Described in the newspaper Release, Alliance together though! The president took first place.

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