November 30, 2022


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Self-proclaimed “Freedom” convoy arrives in Brussels this morning: some prints temporarily blocked

The self-proclaimed “Independent Convoy” group joins Brussels this morning. Police patrol the capital’s gates and highways. Dozens of motor homes are already parked in Heisel Car Park.

Traffic jams are expected due to the self-proclaimed “Freedom” convoy. The latter wants to protest in Brussels on Monday against measures introduced to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Participants, among others from France, were diverted to the parking lot of the Brussels Expo on the Heisel Plateau, the only place where sustainable action could be tolerated. As a reminder, authorities have banned all motorized demonstrations. Police said about 30 vehicles had gathered there peacefully. Meanwhile, police announced “small groups” of protesters on the highways to Brussels.

The E40 was temporarily blocked towards Reyers

Brussels-Capitol police announced on Twitter at around 7am that the E40 was coming from Louvain in the direction of the motorway and rails. At 9 a.m., our journalist Guillaume Fraikin noted that the ban seemed to have been lifted.


Other Concerns Expected: Police roadblocks slow down traffic

Police monitor Brussels gates. Since early this morning, police have set up filter barriers. Our correspondent Guilloo Freakin appeared this morning Avenue Emily Vandewelde Authorities are reportedly inspecting vehicles one by one at the site of the filter dam. Their main goal: to show their support for the French license plates and convoy.

Protesters are in rest areas on the highway

Our correspondents Olivia Fran├žois and Emmanuel Tallarico were in the Besonrieux Motorway Rest Area (E19 Brussels-Mons) this morning. They noticed some vehicles and tents early on, but they all left in small groups, breaking through the exit police checkpoint in the area. Police said there were hundreds of people last night and they left little by little at night. They were very vague about their intentions. “Playful but determined opponents”According to our journalist.

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Finally, it should be noted that if Brussels Airport has a flight to catch on Monday, passengers are advised to take their precautionary measures.