July 3, 2022


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Jon Fingas

Senators demand a common charger standard in the US

The European Union may not be the only governmental body that has identified The common standard for device chargers. the edge Notes US Senators Ed Markey, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders did sent a message To Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo her department called for the development of a “comprehensive strategy” that would lead to a common tariff standard. The senators said the European Union acted in the “public interest” by settling in a single port, and the United States should follow suit to reduce the environmental impact of chargers while improving convenience for users.

The politicians’ arguments largely reflected the position of the European Union. Standard charger in theory Reduce e-waste By allowing people to reuse existing cables and adapters for new devices. It can also help consumers get paid by forgoing the purchase of additional chargers, not to mention adding “sense and certainty” to online shopping. According to the group, this should prevent companies from locking you up in proprietary cables that have become obsolete.

Raimondo has not responded to the letter as of this writing. The senators did not specify USB-C as the standard, although it would likely be a front-runner. The EU will require a USB-C port from 2024, and the technology can accommodate everything from smartphones and earphones to high-end laptops. It also provides more consistent methods of fast charging and accessory support.

Critics and some companies have long rejected shipper standards. Apple privately claimed that a universal charger will do just that innovation hurts By limiting the potential for technical advances, it is claimed that it will eliminate e-waste reduction by forcing legions of company users to replace their Lightning cables. Brands like Apple may not have much choice but to switch due to the EU’s move, however, the US standard will only solidify that decision.

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As it stands, there are rumors that Apple will move to USB-C for both iPhone lineup 2023 And the The Essential iPad of the Year (All other iPads already use the format.) The US charging standard may prevent companies like Apple from returning to proprietary connectors later, but potential new regulation may do little more than enforce the status quo by the time it becomes effective.

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