March 21, 2023


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Several young men found alive outside Australia several days later: a “complete miracle”

Two young men survived several days without water in the heat and dust of the Australian outback, police said Monday after a five-day intensive search.

Shawn Emidza, 21, and Mahesh Patrick, 14, were reported missing on October 12 in the Hearts Range, the center of the Big Island continent.

They did not return home to the isolated community of Hermannsburg after the weekend.

Their car, a blue Nissan Navara, was found abandoned and stuck on a dirt road. Police then flew over the area using a helicopter, and on the ground, people began to search for them.

The temperature exceeded 40 C

Worse is the fear, the lack of water for two young people and the fact that temperatures in the region in the southern hemisphere exceeded 40 C this spring.

Police in the northern region found two young men alive and in good health who broke up on Monday, which comes underThe absolute miracle“.

Mahesh Patrick, a teenager found in the jungle on Friday afternoon, was suffering from dehydration and leg pain.

Shawn Emidza was discovered the next day. “He is undergoing medical tests, but he appears to be fineThe couple is said to have survived without water or food items.

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