August 17, 2022


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Sexual abuse, torture, multiple beatings …

The circumstances of the death of Nadezhda S., 37, in Crane last Wednesday are clear. She was allegedly assaulted by her friend, who was in pre-trial detention. The investigation has just begun, please mention our colleagues from us The Voice of the North.

The rise of violence and Severe injuries. Notage S., 37, of Grenasia, who fainted at his home on Wednesday, September 29th.

His comrade Yan M. to report overdose. He had called for help at 9am. But, once in front of an apartment in Boulevard de Tahiti, firefighters and emergency responders were found A woman with traces of violence, Cardiovascular arrest. They succeeded in resuscitating her before she was taken to CHR’s emergency room in Lille. She died the same day, at 7:30 p.m.

Excess autopsy

The autopsy was performed the day after the incident Great To the victim’s comrade. Notage S. received multiple assaults on the body. Sexual abuse, torture and barbarism were brought to light. Thirty-one are said to have been raped, according to the trial judge, Yan M., who is in charge of the case. He was charged with “aggravated rape”. The person who allegedly filmed the violence Was imprisoned In process.

Did this multiple violence lead to the death of the young woman? It is too early to say: Toxicological analysis Still waiting. If so, the facts can be re-categorized as husband wife murder.

Together with the results of the analysis and the criminal investigation, it is possible to know the time and cause of death, but also what the victim ate on Tuesday evening. Natake S was forced to swallow the toxins. Drugs were also seized from the couple’s home. Investigators from the Lens Narcotics Division targeted the dormitory as a potential location for drug resale, where customer columns were frequent.

Mother of three children

The victim had been in Yan M for more than a year. Mixed family
: She had two daughters and a son from a previous union, and he had a son. The children did not live in an apartment in Boulevard de Tahiti, and they were not there during the tragedy. The couple would have spent the evening together. None of the neighbors asked. “

Mysterious fact: The couple’s house was, despite the fact that the seals of justice had been placed the previous day Robbery Thursday, September 30th. An investigation is underway to find out what is missing.

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