January 30, 2023


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“She doesn’t understand what’s going on, she just wants to go home.”

Stephanie, from Britain, launched an appeal for donations a few days ago to help fund the family of her sister Kirsten, from Gordon, near Manchester.

It must be said that this little family has lived through some difficult weeks. It all started when 4-year-old Kyra started feeling unwell during the festive season: “We spent Christmas and New Years as a family as normal,” Kirsten told the Manchester Evening News. “We didn’t think it was serious, we just imagined she had a fever or a minor infection.”

But as days went by, the girl’s fever increased. “On January 2, her condition worsened and she complained about her legs and arms”, continues the girl’s mother, who finally decided to take her to a children’s hospital. . “We never imagined that her condition would deteriorate like this, especially since a few days ago, she was smiling and smiling.”

After a short stay in the hospital, Kyra was sent to specialists, and on January 3, the terrible verdict fell: the girl was indeed suffering from leukemia. An announcement that, according to his mother, “torn the family apart.”

Kyra was admitted to the hospital and started chemotherapy. “She didn’t understand what was going on. She wants to go home. When doctors come into her room wearing masks, she thinks they are going to hurt her.

Despite this, Kaira shows immense courage.

The page has already collected 2,500 euros GoFundMe.

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