August 9, 2022


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She gets a call from her daughter who went missing 14 years ago: The Moving Reunion World

Clermont, Florida Police said Monday that a mother abducted her daughter in 2007 at the age of 6 by her father.

On September 2, the police received a phone call. On the phone, Angelica Vince-Salcado. He explained that his daughter Jacqueline Hernandez contacted him on social networks. Jacqueline said she was in Mexico and asked her mother to meet her on September 10 at Point of Entry in Laredo, Texas.

Police were present during the meeting and were able to confirm the identity of the missing person. It was actually Jacqueline Hernandez, who died in 2007. She is 19 years old today.

Pablo Hernandez abducted the woman in 2007 to take her to Mexico. The wanted notice was issued at that time. The person has not yet been located, but police are still trying to locate him. The family rejected press interview requests.

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