August 9, 2022


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Shout out after purchasing 500 jeeps for Congolese delegates

The provision of a luxury vehicle for each of the 500 Congolese delegates by President Felix Cicke has caused a stir in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where a voluntary organization is threatening to take legal action.

Last week, National Assembly Speaker Christophe Mfoso explained that the gift was presented to delegates from President Czechoslovakia.With material“President calls for joining coalition”Holy Union“, According to an audio recording widely shared on social networks.

The National Assembly Office has stepped up news releases in the face of numerous reactions from civil society activists and opponents. “Lack of political maturity“Authors of this post leak, as well as”Misconceptions on the part of some misguided delegates“.

Buying these 500 jeeps is an open space scam“The head of the Public Expenditure Laboratory (ODEP), Florimont Mudeba, told AFP.”We were disgusted, we were condemned. The time of emotion is over, now is the time to act, to go to justice“, he said.”We need to know whether this money did not come from the 2021 budget, or from the pocket of President Czechoslovakia, who has raised $ 27 million over two years to make such a gift.“, Accused Mr. Mudeba.

In the wake of the threat to dissolve parliament, after two years of co-administration of the country, the majority formed by President Czechoslovakia in December after ousting the majority formed around his predecessor Joseph Kapila is the Holy Union. .

These jeeps are not provided free of charge to MPs. Deductions will be made in their payroll“Pro-Sec., MP, Eliezer Tampawe, AFP.

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Any accomplice who picks up a vehicle provided by the President will be considered corrupt“, Warned Congolese human rights activist Jean-Claude Conte.

The former opponent, Mr, who was declared the winner of the December 2018 controversial presidential election at the DRC. CCKD, won in January 2019, by his former rival Joseph Kapila, who led the country from 2001-2019. Mr. The two ruled the country until December 2020, before the CCD ended their alliance.