August 9, 2022


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“Showers of hope”: French newspapers look back at RN’s performance

Marine Le Pen’s party did worse than expected in the first round of regional elections.

LThe hopes of the national rally have been dashed. The far-right party, which was declared the frontrunner in many regions by the elections, recorded worse results than expected.

“Right Macron-Le Pen loosens pins,” he writes Le Figaro. “The ballot boxes spoke away from the electorate. At the end of the regional and sectoral polls marked by the registered ballot, the photograph of the electoral landscape becomes clear. Summarizes daily life.

“Regional 2021: Empty ballot boxes and ghosts, the title for its area Release. Only one in three voters came to the first round of a ballot this Sunday, which finally showers the RN’s confidence, giving a big bonus to those who leave, and strengthening the traditional left and right parties, ”the Left Daily analyzes.

The world And Parisian Talk about a “bad performance” for RN. Western France, Emphasizes the poor results of the candidates supported by Emmanuel Macron. “For most ministers, it was a disappointment,” the regional newspaper wrote.

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