May 17, 2022


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“Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Putin has made four mistakes, which will be long and difficult.”

With anxious anticipation, May 9 will not be the equivalent of a turning point in the Ukrainian conflict. Vladimir Putin as the Russians celebrate Victory Day Performed the text , In which he reiterated that his soldiers were “fighting for the fatherland”. “There is a direct threat of an unacceptable threat to our borders,” he said. Contrary to some fears, the Kremlin leader did not demand any victory on this Memorial Day, but argued that everything must be done to prevent the recurrence of the “horrors of a new global war.”

Should Vladimir Putin’s approach on May 9 be seen as a positive signal for the continuation of negotiations between the two countries? Jean-Yves Le Drian, the French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, expressed his confusion over the Russian president’s remarks. “Nothing new. Nothing has changed in his speech since February 24. The Russian occupation continues, the war continues (…),” he noted. On BFMTV . “The objectives of the war are to neutralize Ukraine, to militarize, to denationalize, to reclaim territories.”

“Mistakes That Make War Longer and Harder”

Mr. Le Trian considered it to be “a form of imprisonment of the Russian president in war.” But he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Putin’s strategy. “First, he thought that Ukraine would fall like that (…) ‘welcome the’ liberators’, and that they were going to overthrow others quickly. This is not the case. On the contrary, Russia’s intervention strengthened Ukrainian unity (…) Second, Europe It was the opposite of thinking that the reaction would have been weaker and a little softer from the knee. The Russian occupation moved Europe.

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According to the French Foreign Minister, Putin’s third mistake was about NATO. “In recent years there have been questions about this alliance (…) there was a skepticism about unity.

Finally, Mr. Le Drian argued that the Kremlin leader was overestimated The strength of his army And its strategic choices. “This is his fourth mistake,” he concluded on BFMTV. “Together these four elements mean that we face a long and difficult war.”