August 17, 2022


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Slap Macron: Defendant immediately attempted to appear Thursday

His comrade Arthur c. Must respond to illegal possession of firearms.

LThe Valencia attorney’s office said Wednesday evening that the accused, who was allegedly charged during a trip to the Dane L. Hermitage (Drum) on Tuesday, will be produced immediately on Thursday.

Age 28, “Damien D. He will be presented with an immediate appearance before the public prosecutor tomorrow morning (author’s note: Thursday),” state attorney Alex Berrin said in a statement.

His comrade, who was arrested with him, said “Arthur C. will be summoned to court at the end of the second half of 2022 to respond to offenses related to illegal possession of firearms.”

Their detention, which was decided on the basis of “violence without disability to a person holding public power”, was long overdue to “continue verifications”.

Two residents of Saint-Vallier, north of Valencia, were arrested shortly after the incident. They are “unknown to the judiciary and intelligence services.” The magistrate recalled that they were members of their communion associations “in relation to the martial arts, the medieval and the manga universe”.

During his interrogation, Damien D. admitted that he had “given a blow to the head of state and had words condemning the policy”, “a couple, without children, without a career”.

According to him, share the “traditional political beliefs of the right or far right” without the “movement of the yellow underwear” and “any party or manifest activity” that he “acted intuitively and thoughtlessly” to express his dissatisfaction, “Mr. Perrin further explained.

Witnesses’ Inquiries and Damien D. The comrade did not express the “further motives” of the young man, and the precondition against him – “present” – was not maintained.

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“Recent verifications and investigations are ongoing,” the attorney stressed.

Arthur C., “Arrested with his friend after filming the attack on the single, childless, provisional, head of state, who was able to explain his presence on the scene without participating in the Republican presidential occupation.”

In his home, “old books on martial arts and + Main Camp + as well as the yellow hammer and sickle and the red flag with the flag of the Russian Revolution” were found during the search.

This slap provoked the anger of the entire political class. Emmanuel Macron, for his part, reconsidered the gesture, denouncing the “isolated facts” made by “ultraviolet persons.”