May 17, 2022


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Snickers fans react as their favorite candy bar retains its X-Rated feature

Snickers fans react as their favorite candy bar retains its X-Rated feature

Snickers shut down rumors that they had ‘ripped the veins’ of their lover Chocolate pieces One of their famous X-rated feature.

On Tuesday, the company responded to rumors that their candy bars no longer have swirls running on the bars. Throughout the year, chocolate swirls have sparked jokes about her that sound like a male anatomy.

Since Snickers shut down this rumor, it’s become tweet It quickly spread to 23 thousand “retweets” and 173 thousand “likes”.

Picture of Snickers chocolate bars. (Julia Ewan/The Washington Post via Getty Images/Getty Images)

The wild rumors began in April after another Mars-owned company, M&M’s, announced in January its plan to give its famous characters a new makeover to promote a “more dynamic and progressive world.”

In particular, the green and brown M&M makers have sparked a conversation online. The green M&M character swapped out her sexy white heels with “a cool, comfortable sneaker to reflect her easy-going confidence” and the brown M&M heels were shortened.

This change led the people Social media To joke about other candy companies needing to ditch the sex — including a Snickers bar, so it won’t be reminiscent of anther.

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A photo of an unusually smooth Snickers rod appeared, driving fans crazy. One tweeted, “That doesn’t sound right.” Another said, “The vein gives the keel an identity.”

However, the Mars The brand was quick to stop the false rumors, saying on Twitter, “Good news, contrary to what is rumored on Twitter…THE VEINS MEMAIN!”

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From there several comp Join in the fun.

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Other Mars-owned brands participated in the conversation, including Twix. Twix tweeted “close contact”, prompting Snickers to reply“Waiting for the day to show off your day.”