November 26, 2022


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Social networks panicked at Lil, what happened here

“Lily disease” is actually a fantasy. Fifteen days ago, the entire city of Lily began to fear the appearance of a local mutant. The rumor started with students: many of them suffered from this respiratory ailment, often harmless, to mention Our colleagues from Voix Du Nord.

Some have been baptized with “differentiated masina” or “solferinopharyngitis” to refer to the two “thirsty streets” of the young lily. Many doctors have already calmed things down: this is undoubtedly the return of seasonal illnesses, and in recent weeks prohibitive gestures have become rare.

But the small breeze of panic prompted health officials to investigate. “Following the suspicion of an increase in respiratory infections in the municipality of Lille, the focus on the metropolitan area of ​​Lilly was made using data from the SOS Medicine Associations of Lily, Rupeex and Turquoise,” Public Health France notes in a statement. On respiratory infections.

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