February 3, 2023


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Stephen Burn takes on the admission to Elizabeth II’s controversial hospital

People and the royal family

The 95-year-old Queen was admitted to the hospital on Oct. 20.

Fear and amazement. Upon learning that the British Queen had been admitted to Elizabeth II Hospital, these two sentiments struck the British. On the sidelines of an official trip, on the advice of his doctors, he was spotted on Wednesday, October 20, when the 95-year-old found himself in spite of sovereignty. At the center of a controversy. The reason? There was no hesitant and very revealing information from Buckingham Palace, which suggested that his Majesty was resting in Windsor while still in hospital. If not bad on the agenda, the possibility of a world without Elizabeth II permeates the discussions. Stephen Bern I came back to this chapter worthy Crown In columns of Western France.

“It connects William and Harry”

“News like this is shocking because the monarchy is so popular across the channel and the queen is even more so.”, Evaluates the expert of crowned heads in the French newspaper. “From this point of view I think it will be a planetary shock.”Recalling that rule, he addsElizabeth IIAbout 70 years “Practically equivalent to Louis XIV”. However, the death of such “Emotional Confidence” According to him the English will not lead to the end of the monarchy, Charles is simply trying to create the protocol “More flexible and less formal”.

But according to Stephen Bern, there is a couple who have a particular impact on the Queen’s death: Princes William and Harry. “The day the Queen dies, it will shock the world, but even for the Windsors, everyone will come together. It will unite the English, especially William and Harry., The 57-year-old host recommends. “They share the same love with their grandmother because I know she is an exceptional grandmother to them.”. Elizabeth II is currently on compulsory retirement while waiting to regain her strength for her next royal engagement.

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